Microsoft has removed the 10 half-open TCP connections limit

I received the following from my friend, ‘Andrew from Vancouver’.  Pretty interesting… ***** I just noted that in the Windows Server 2008 and Vista SP2 “What’s significant” document, that Microsoft has removed the 10 half-open TCP connections limit that they introduced to impede worms and bots on Windows XP SP2. “SP2 removes the limit [...]

Converting an x509 SSL certificate from a Linux node into one usable for IIS on Windows

I don’t know how many other people out there might ever need to do something like this. Say you have a Linux web server using an SSL certificate, and you need to put that same certificate onto a Windows server for use with IIS. Here is how you would accomplish it. You’ll need the openssl [...]

ssl certificate creation HowTo

Securing your web site or your MTA with SSL encryption (i.e. HTTPS traffic) can be a daunting task if you’ve never worked with it before. The following steps assume that you’ll be working from a Linux server running Apache web server and/or postfix. To understand how the whole SSL encryption process works, check out this [...]

Watch out, BatMan – Mr. Freeze may become a reality

Some researchers found a way to steal encrypted data off of hard disks by freezing the RAM in a computer – allowing them to read the keys used to encrypt the data out of RAM. Apparently this can be accomplished using nothing more than a can of compressed air to chill the chips and freeze [...]

Data Security gets physical

Some poor guy happened to be the one in a Chicago-based co-location facility when at least two people sawed through a wall, came in and tazered and beat him, and proceeded to make off with several clients’ servers. The owners of the stolen servers would fall into two classes: those who encrypted important data on [...]