Scratchy Tags

I’d like to shake the hand of whoever did away with the scratchy tags in the back of the neck of T-Shirts.  There was never a good solution to them.  If you cut them really really short with a pair of scissors, you could still feel them.  You’d spend the rest of your wearing experience [...]

Full Width Web Pages – or – Margins are Your Friend

One of my pet peeves is when I visit a web site and it automatically takes up the entire width of the screen.  I have a rather large monitor (you’d be jealous if you saw it) – so when a block of text actually stretches completely from the left to the right, unless I’m sitting [...]

Understanding the -GRY riddle

I enjoy riddles.  By happenstance, I happened upon the (in)famous -gry riddle, but luckily before I got too carried away searching for an answer I found an essay written by the Word Detective on this very puzzle. The key to successfully finding an answer to this wriddle is in getting the wording correct: Angry and [...]

How Many TIE Fighters to Beat the Starship Enterprise

One of the blogs I enjoy reading when I have time is  The guy there is a math genius, most of what he talks about is over my head.  But what I appreciate is that he’s taking the time to try and explain stuff in a way that I would understand.  A while back [...]

The Nuclear Tomato

What’s in a name? At one point in my high school experience, we happened upon an old 2-door, beat-up Datsun B210 that my dad was able to purchase from the owner for a whopping $50. I remember taking pride (oddly) in the fact that I had to pay more for insurance than we had paid [...]

Save the earth, one solar powered calculator at a time

There’s just something wrong about the fact that solar powered calculators do not have an off button. Even though it’s been this way for the several years that I’ve owned my Texas Instruments BA-35 Solar, I still check occasionally, just on the off chance that I’ve missed it all of these years. When I’m unable [...] is on the move again

I don’t know how many of you have been following the story over at It’s about a guy, Aaron, who has an idea and decided it was important enough to him that it be heard, so he flew to California with the intent of camping out in Google’s lobby until someone agreed to hear [...]

Losing the key to icy cool refreshment

It’s a wonder more people don’t steal bags of ice from the storage lockers outside convenience stores. I guess they don’t worry about those dishonest few who would snark a bag, since it’s so easy to make more. Or, more likely, they know that the percentage of bags stolen will be more than made up [...]

I went to the woods, but ended up playing Guitar Hero

“I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived.” Then I got cold, and a little hungry. So I came [...]

Who is responsible for the voice of Chewbacca?

I feel sorry for the Jar Jar Binks guy. I remember seeing little shorts on the Star Wars site leading up to the release of episode 1, where the Jar Jar guy would take us around and show us stuff on the set. I’m sure he was thinking about how great it was going to [...]

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