Have a Plan – Dispel Fear

Few things can motivate you and dispel fear like having a plan. Even if the plan doesn’t work as expected, it gives you a framework from which you can adjust and react. By taking the guesswork out of an uncertain situation, anxiety will decrease and confidence will increase. Providence will move to assist you because [...]

You’ve Reached It; the End of the Internet

You’re here. You’ve made it. This is the end of the Internet. After all that clicking around and searching endlessly under the glow of a backlit screen, you have been led here.  How do you like it?  Bet you thought you’d find more, huh?  A little anti-climactic?  Not even pictures (at least those would’ve been [...]

Small Victories

Finally being able to click ‘submit’ on the project you’ve been working on in your free time for the last long while to make it go live. That’s a good feeling. It’s like throwing a little rock into the patch of water that represents your life and sitting back to wonder what ripples will be [...]

Making Moolah as a Good Teacher

I’m back, miss me?  Seriously, it has been a long time since I’ve written a blog post.  I’ve been busy, that’s for sure.  Life’s been passing me by and all that – but I recently was re-motivated to share a few thoughts online with y’all.  Face it, writing and putting thoughts down on paper (sorta) [...]

Reading Another’s Words is a Gift to the Author

I recently read an excellent article written by Po Bronson entitled, ‘What Should I Do With My Life?‘  It’s an excerpt/summary of a book of the same name.  I don’t recall when I first ran across the article, but I bookmarked it under my “read this later” folder, because it was too long to digest [...]

The Trash Goes Out On Tuesday Morning

It is wonderful and good to believe that you were meant for better things – but don’t forget to take out the trash on Tuesday morning.  No matter how high your dreams or your aspirations, that is all they will be if you do not continue to maintain the mundane activities of the day-to-day. Every [...]

Enduring Trials – 7 Principles to Assist and Uplift

It was Tuesday, August 24th, 2004 and I was watching the Olympics. I remember in particular the women’s 100m hurdles. The winner of the race, and of the gold medal, was Joanna Hayes of the U.S. It was quite a dramatic race; Perdita Felicien, the favorite and the world champion at the time, fell heavily [...]