You’ve Reached It; the End of the Internet

You’re here. You’ve made it. This is the end of the Internet.

After all that clicking around and searching endlessly under the glow of a backlit screen, you have been led here.  How do you like it?  Bet you thought you’d find more, huh?  A little anti-climactic?  Not even pictures (at least those would’ve been worth a thousand words).

While you’ve been on your fantastic journey through the vast digital inter-tubes, you’ve missed a few things.  You may have children or pets or a significant other who’ve marched inexorably forward on the pathway of time, moving ever forward – seconds at a time.  And you didn’t even notice.

The good news is, you’re done!  Whatever elusive reward or answer you’ve been seeking – it’s not here.  You’ve hit a dead-end.

And now you can get back to real life.

Every life is worth living … yes, even (and especially) yours.  Do not doubt it.  You have no idea what adventures lie in wait for you.

But you’re about to find out.

Now.  Take a break.  Live your life.  Realize that the answers aren’t all here.  Some of the answers can’t be found except by figuring it out as you go.

So go.

Don’t worry, the end will still be here if you need to come back and reassure yourself that it still exists.

Have fun out there.  Seat belts and helmets aren’t a bad idea.

God speed.

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