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Understanding the -GRY riddle

I enjoy riddles.  By happenstance, I happened upon the (in)famous -gry riddle, but luckily before I got too carried away searching for an answer I found an essay written by the Word Detective on this very puzzle. The key to successfully finding an answer to this wriddle is in getting the wording correct: Angry and [...]

Unix Utilities on Windows

Feeling crippled on Windows by not having access to such commands as grep, awk, tail, less … ?  Go here to get a copy of these utilities ported to the Win32 platform.  They’ve made my life much easier when I’m trying to do some quick command-line trickery on a Windows box.

Adobe AIR – applicationStorageDirectory – where is it?

When progamming an AIR application, you may want to make use of the applicationStorageDirectory available via the flash.filesystem package to store temporary files/folders.  You can find where your system is storing these files by doing something like the following: var f:File = File.applicationStorageDirectory.resolvePath(“Test.txt”); trace(f.nativePath + ‘ is where my file is stored’);