Reading Another’s Words is a Gift to the Author

I recently read an excellent article written by Po Bronson entitled, ‘What Should I Do With My Life?‘  It’s an excerpt/summary of a book of the same name.  I don’t recall when I first ran across the article, but I bookmarked it under my “read this later” folder, because it was too long to digest in a short 10 minute sitting.  Well, approximately 3 months later, I have finally returned and have read the entire article.  It was very good.  I don’t know what to do with my life yet, but I took great solace in reading Po Bronson express how others have gone about finding the answer to that question for themselves.

At any rate, I enjoyed the article so much I wanted to find out more about the author, so I meandered over to his web page, and read Po’s basic philosophy on writing.  He closes with the following paragraph:

“I think when a reader reads a whole book – which takes six to ten hours – that’s kind of a gift to the author. The gift of close, undivided attention. To who else do we listen so closely for eight straight hours? And when readers give that gift to me, I’m grateful for it.”

Amen to that.  When you consider that everyone has limitless choices available when it comes to reading material these days – it truly is a gift when someone chooses to spend time absorbing yours.