How Many TIE Fighters to Beat the Starship Enterprise

One of the blogs I enjoy reading when I have time is  The guy there is a math genius, most of what he talks about is over my head.  But what I appreciate is that he’s taking the time to try and explain stuff in a way that I would understand.  A while back he posted this about developing a sense of scale.  It’s a great article, but this blog post is about something he mentioned in passing in his article:

“Fun and interesting: occupy a geek for hours by asking how many TIE fighters would be needed to take out the Starship Enterprise.”

Well, that’s just too interesting of a question to go unanswered.  I don’t have the time to actually figure out how many TIE fighters would be needed to take out the Starship Enterprise – so I have to go with my gut on this one.  I think it would take around 463 TIE fighters to take out the Starship Enterprise.  The important thing to take away from this is that the TIE fighters *would* take out the Enterprise.  Don’t get me wrong – I’m a fan of the Star Trek multiverse.  However, on some deep level I just know that if the two worlds were to ever collide, Jedi’s with the Force would waste the crew of the Enterprise with their phasers.  The ability to beam around to different places would definitely be an advantage to the Trekkies, though.  Why didn’t the Star Wars universe ever think of that?!  I guess it’s because too much power makes a hero uninteresting over time.  Take Superman, for example – how many times can you take a storyline that involves the arch-nemesis being the same thing over and over: a green rock from some other planet.  Wolverine is a borderline almost-too-powerful superhero, since he can heal from just about anything.  But that’s what keeps you coming back for more in his case, you never know for sure whether he’ll heal from whatever wounded him.

Sorry, I digress.  Back to the question at hand – Star Wars would win over Star Trek, ’nuff said.  It’d be cool to see a Wookie versus Klingon match, though – that might be a toss-up.

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