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Can Your Computer Run This Video Game?

About a year ago I bought a video game, Supreme Commander, to play on my PC.  I don’t buy new video games very often, which probably explains why I still think Pong totally rocks.  So needless to say, I was excited to play my new game.   My computer was relatively new and the game had [...]

Pull a 1080 and make $10,080

Looks like Tige is willing to spend big cash to see people land the elusive 1080 trick (3 complete 360′s, for those of you who are not mathemagicians).  They’re offering $10,080 to whichever finalist can land the trick at the upcoming 2008 Tige Pro-Am Wakeboard Championships. Me? I’m pretty good at a 180 (only one [...]

Removing Tree Sap from your Hands

Have you ever had the unfortunate task of removing tree sap from your hands? I was worried I would end up with the keys from my keyboard stuck to my fingers a few minutes ago, but luckily I picked up a tip here: Some helpful soul mentioned that smearing your sap soaked hands with [...]